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Indica Leaning Hybrid

Side Piece #5 is one you won’t be able to let go. She has the classic kushy, earthy, nutty funk you should immediately recognize alike adult use Kush strains. Such terpenes translates to euphoric relaxing sensation most enjoyed in the evening.

This strain packs on nice dense buds between medium and large nug sizes with that classic Indica Kush structure and forest green leaves. Trichomes are iced out and packed on heavily that it will make your jaw drop! 

Hands down, Side Piece #5 is another new favorite with the classic adult use aroma everyone has been seeking in the CBD Hemp market. Extremely pungent and loud with gassy, kush notes and creamy nutty finish. The notes are the kind that is so funky, you can’t help but keep opening our cans to smell for more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Best indoor hemp flower I’ve ever had

sam freid
Loud flower

Equal to my typ1s.. its in your face

Evan Martinez
Super dank fire greatness😃

the making of side piece 2 and 5 really changed the game and can’t say enough good things about both. I personally like 2 better than 5 but like I said can’t go wrong with either. Thanks again.

John Anderson
Side piece #5

Best cbd hemp on the market!

Ernest Montoya
Fire Fire Fire 🔥

I heard a lot about clutch city farms and decided to give it a go. The side piece #5 was a great option for me. Sticky, smells insane, tastes just as fire. Definitely recommend this strain to anybody