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Indica Leaning Hybrid

Please enjoy in the PM as you can expect extreme euphoria and relaxation from full experience

On first glance, you will immediately notice the Indica structure with tight dense medium nug size. Trichomes are iced out white giving it an amazing coverage and vibrant color between the orange hair and the dark purple buds and lighter green leaves. 

Hands down, Side Piece #2 is a new favorite with the classic adult use aroma everyone has been seeking in the CBD Hemp market. You will regret opening a can of Side Piece #2 in public as she is pungent and loud. Expect funky, creamy, coffee note with sweet gas trailing on the backend. The sweet gas is attributed to the spicy earthy notes mixed with sweet floral lemon citrus notes.

Side Piece #2 tests almost 16% total CBD and over 19% total Cannabinoids. Top 4 Terpenes is β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Limonene.

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied Customer

Ordered the smalls and was completely blown away with the quality and consistency. Would buy again!

Lindsey Shamblen
Sidepiece #2

This strain provides uplifting relaxation along with pain relief. My husband and I mix it into joints with CBG and at times, CBDV at night before bed. It helps offset the soreness and pain from a day of physical labor as well as help us unwind from the day's stressors. Sidepiece also induces a more jovial and playful mood, which typically leads to fits of laughter.

Pretty impressive flower

I've only recently gotten more interested in Hemp flower, and when I heard good things about CCF and Side Piece #2, I knew I had to give it a go. I had to chuckle to myself when I got the package and opened up the first tin like a can of tuna. But oh lordy, did the gass get my attention! Not only is this bud great eye candy, but the smell and stickiness made me want this even more. I vape flower, so I was immediately impressed with the terps and flavor this wonderful flower was giving me. The effects came on subtly, but soon I was feeling beautiful sensations and a feeling of "wholeness". What an amazing way to start the day. Get some of this while you still can!

A Must Have!!!

This is the best tasting flower I have ever had! And the relaxing effect it had on me was phenomenal, I am glad I grabbed 2.

John dee

SP#2 is straight gas. Stunk up my room for hours. Effects are awesome, def a type 3 but with plenty of noids to go around. 10/10🔥