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Indica Leaning Hybrid

Please enjoy in the PM as you can expect extreme euphoria and relaxation from full experience

On first glance, you will immediately notice the Indica structure with tight dense medium nug size. Trichomes are iced out white giving it an amazing coverage and vibrant color between the orange hair and the dark purple buds and lighter green leaves. 

Hands down, Side Piece #2 is a new favorite with the classic adult use aroma everyone has been seeking in the CBD Hemp market. You will regret opening a can of Side Piece #2 in public as she is pungent and loud. Expect funky, creamy, coffee note with sweet gas trailing on the backend. The sweet gas is attributed to the spicy earthy notes mixed with sweet floral lemon citrus notes.

Side Piece #2 tests almost 16% total CBD and over 19% total Cannabinoids. Top 4 Terpenes is β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Limonene.

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Absolutely none of our products are intended for smokable use.

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Hladek
First order with CCV, am *not* disappointed

Ordered this flower after hearing about it in hemp spaces around Reddit for a while and I’m so glad I did. I got smalls and the buds are well cured and potent. For less than 2% thc, they hit pretty nice - the terps definitely play a large role in how this flower feels. I have full body relaxation with a focused alertness. It’s mellow and perfect for this laid back Sunday morning.

I appreciate the letter to law enforcement and full COA on top when I opened the box. The packaging is easier than the childproof packaging other vendors seem to prefer while still maintaining an air tight seal.

My one regret is that I only bought an eighth. I hope there’s more and I hope you have more type II flower coming.


EXOTIC CBD!!!🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥

Mark Miller
More please

I only have one thing to say to clutch city, please grow more and I mean larger amounts because it sells out to damn quick. I can't even smoke any other CBD after this as this has set the level CBD should be at and adding that 2% THC is just genuis. Perfect

John R
The word is smooth

This burns smooth

It smokes smooth

It is smooth

Tyler H
Fantastic flower

Side Piece #2 is my new favorite!!