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Indica Leaning Hybrid

Please enjoy in the PM as you can expect extreme euphoria and relaxation from full experience

On first glance, you will immediately notice the Indica structure with tight dense medium nug size. Trichomes are iced out white giving it an amazing coverage and vibrant color between the orange hair and the dark purple buds and lighter green leaves. 

Hands down, Side Piece #2 is a new favorite with the classic adult use aroma everyone has been seeking in the CBD Hemp market. You will regret opening a can of Side Piece #2 in public as she is pungent and loud. Expect funky, creamy, coffee note with sweet gas trailing on the backend. The sweet gas is attributed to the spicy earthy notes mixed with sweet floral lemon citrus notes.

Side Piece #2 tests almost 16% total CBD and over 19% total Cannabinoids. Top 4 Terpenes is β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Limonene.

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Absolutely none of our products are intended for smokable use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Top notch

This strain is taking cbd to a new level! Really enjoy this strain.

The only way is up from here. We will gladly take you along with us as we release more strains and continually work on adding more amazing strains to our library for you to enjoy!

David Bonillas
SP#2 is top shelf hemp flower

Side Piece #2 is my intro to Clutch City Farms and wow I’m impressed. This is definitely some of the best if not the best hemp flower I’ve tried. Strong bubba kush like smell with a slight hint of sweet grape. Straight gas. As soon as I opened the vac seal bag I could smell the skunkiness. Effects were great. It loosened up some tight muscles and put me to bed. Indica dominant I’d say. Definitely All Gas No Breaks

Thank you David for your in depth review. Quality reviews like this really help paint the picture of what our flower has to offer. We are glad you enjoyed the Side Piece #2 and can't wait for you to try our other strains!

Chris Mitchell
Magic flowers of side piece #2

Do you like that super dank stinky sticky icky kind of flowers this is what you want. it smells so good and so strong. so get it smoke it & enjoy it -Side piece#2

Thank you Chris! We enjoy this review of yours as much as you enjoyed our flower. We really appreciate the kind words and nothing more flattering than describing our flower as dank and sticky icky!

Happy Customer
Side Piece #2 Yeah

Exactly like Shabazz described it! Always enjoy a good Bubba Kush. Gassy Funky tasty can't be forgotten frosty trichrome goodness. Keep them coming Clutch City

Thank you so much for the kind words as your description is absolute compliments to the hard work we put into pheno hunting and selecting the best for y'all!

Napoleon Ortiz jr

Grade A hemp ! Some of the best around and add the kief !