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60/40 Sativa Leaning Hybrid

We can't start without mentioning her vibrant colors between the deep purple buds with bright orange hairs shooting out. She's absolutely stunning with nice full buds and checks all the boxes for bag appeal!

But looks are only half the story, and she is a very loud story teller! She puts off an intense fume that ignites your nostrils caused by her cinnamon scent combined with a pungent piney note. Simply put, she is loud and smells absolutely amazing!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mike Nahlawi
One of the best sativas!

Shaolin Temple.. remember the name cause you’ll definitely want more of this. Great strain!

Mutanabi H.
Shaolin is king of the CCFs range IMO

I've tried pretty much every strain that CCF has to offer, including top hitters like SP#2 and Apple Smacks. But there is something that puts Shaolin a cut above the rest. The taste reminds me of a fresh and pure Jack Herer and even hits like a nice grassy sativa. I vape with a mighty so I'm an eternal flavor chaser and this sits just right with my palette.

Johnny Montrose
Stanky & Stunning

This is my first official go-round with CCF, the second if you count the spicy variant of SP #2 that I got from another distributor. Shaolin Temple is my new favorite type 3 that I would very much believe is a 2.5. It's every bit as pungent as SP #2 and twice as gorgeous. I opted for the smalls and I'm still in awe of the trichome-soaked beauty. I don't detect cinnamon but I do detect a damn Aamco station! It's an instant mood booster, and a perfect pre-work strain with no added spice necessary.


This stuff looks so tasty, its a shame to have to grind it up and burn it! The colors are amazing and smells great too! And super dense buds, will definitely buy again!

Cameron Cumberbatch

Very nice, has you feeling nice and uplifted great taste!