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60/40 Sativa Leaning Hybrid

This isn't your average Hemp flower. There's many renditions of Pink Panther but Panther Funk is the select pheno from the breeder himself, High Alpine Genetics. Her stand out features besides her 10/10 looks is her 12/10 smell! Without a doubt she was made a keeper due to her unique added funky smell!

On first glance, you will be immediately drawn towards her more vibrant lavender purple that shines with her frosty trichomes. She stacked nice and dense throughout the grow so you can expect long, tight, lateral bud structure with a nice full body.

You would think she was bred from a Florida orange farm with the intense orange citrus smell coming from her. As you smell deeper you get a grapefruit citrus smell that really attributes to that stand out funky note mentioned. Now you dip all of that into an oil of piney chemical and you have the full body notes of the Panther Funk

With those outstanding features, our Panther Funk tests at 15.534% CBD, 19.457% total Cannabinoids, and 1.593% terpenes!

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Absolutely none of our products are intended for smokable use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacob eberhart
The bomb

I originally wanted to try side piece #2 so I got panther funk and that was a good pick as well. Very good flower


I am a fan!! This product is high quality, top shelf stuff here, smell and taste were great as was the effects, all around 10/10 for me! I will be ordering again soon!

panther funk

don't hesitate. great product. great packaging.

Thanks George, it means a lot for you to notice the attention and care we put into our work between the flower we cultivate and the packaging. We want to ensure quality over everything!

Hemp Adventures
Hemp Adventures

This flower is fine fine, wonderful aroma perfume and funk. Highly recommended it.

Goes without saying, you're feedback is an honor. You're highly respected in the hemp community so thank you very much for blessing us with a great review!

Terry Vaughn
Delicious 🤤

What an amazing smoke! It’s pink Panther on roids frfr It’s like you took a pink Panther bud and dipped it in gasoline. Creamy thick smoke 💨 I just smoked it in a raw cone and I would definitely say this is GREAT for a backwood. I feel super chill and spacey…..very potent sativa hybrid! It’s a spacey feel 🚀 Could I get work done? Yes! But, the indica is there and strong also. It could be a wake and bake but I suggest you try it mid-day and see how you feel first. 10/10 looks 10/10 effects! Perfect CBD bud! Couldn’t ask for a better strain.

Your review and kind words is easily 10/10. Quality feedback like this drives and pushes us to continually provide that fire. We are honored and look forward to your next review on our future releases!