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50/50 Hybrid

Almost 1% THCa, over 1% CBCa, and over 28% total cannabinoids! If you are looking for a hemp flower that will deliver maximum levels of CBD then look no further! Apple Smacks is a Triploid Suver Haze phenotype that was chosen from roughly 200 plants.
The journey started with these ~200 plants that were narrowed down to roughly 100 plants during veg based on structure. Out of these 100 plants there were 10 phenotypes that stuck out the most. Those 10 phenotypes were then grown to find and select the final cut, "Apple Smacks"! Proper care and cure allowed Apple Smacks to preserve the an exquisite aroma that sets it apart from the rest.

Opening a bag of Apple smacks you can expect hints of lavender, clove, hops, pine, and a sour apple twist. This strain is glistening in trichomes, dense, and a bright beautiful green/yellow with orange hairs. Buds range in size from large to small. Apple Smacks tests high in Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Justin H

Great flavor and effects!

John Smith
Fire 🔥

Perfect stain for mid day use after a long day! Clear headed buzz with hints of energy bursts in the beginning then relaxing effects. Taste 10/10 kushy flavors with hints of green apple. Smell 10/10 reminds of those apple candies I use to get as a kid mixed with that good kush smell. Highly recommend 🔥

Chris Moore

Top tier!!!

D. Jarosz
Smells and tastes amazing!

Immediately upon opening the can, this strains smacks you with an apple sweetness scent while your taste buds salivate in anticipation. Effects for me are hybrid, and I don't get the negative effects that I experience with some sativa strains. High recommended strain!

Samanta Rangel

Very satisfied with the fast shipping✌🏽