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With all the new flavors we are rolling out, there has got to be a way for y'all to enjoy them all at the same affordable price...

There's only one way to share our flavors with the world, and that's by offering our 32 Grams: You Pick 'Em!

With this, you will get to customize your 32 Grams between four, 8 gram choices of all the available flavors! Mix and match the strains of your choice. Best part, pricing is the same as if you were to order a full 32 Grams of one strain.  

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Absolutely none of our products are intended for smokable use.

Customer Reviews

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Cloud Chaser
Review and More 💨💨💨💨💨

Why not try them all 😎. Check out reviews on Cloud Chaser cbd reviews YouTube channel 👇 link below

Totally worth it!

The package arrives in the mail and once you crack open the mailing box you immediately feel like you’re gonna be getting a premium experience. Once you open the box and see the buds it just get even better. Clutch city is top notch from top to bottom, will definitely buy again!

laur along
Badly cured batch? 'Rock' hard centers. Poss. moulds etc.

Used sturdy handheld to electric coffee grinder —still with the Nibbler droppings über dense Tootsie pop centers leftover.

Sample Platter:
Zorbet (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
777, Dragon Breath (⭐⭐⭐)
shaolin temple (⭐⭐)

Somewhat disappoint, but brilliant packaging ± bonus goodies. Wish the Zowie and Side Grrl were avail. When I ordered!

Benjamin J. Perish
Fantastic Quality for the Quantity

Definitely not disappointed with the Quality you receive for the price and quantity given. I have tried numerous Type 3 Cannabis strains through multiple vendors and growers. Clutch City Farms, without a doubt, has some of the best quality flower around. Specifically their 777, Dragon's Breath, Zorbet, Zowie and both Side Pieces have a delicious dank and gassy aroma with fruits notes and very frosty / sticky. I made the switch over from Type 1 cannabis a few months ago and Clutch City has provided a much needed services of cannabis lovers that enjoy a more controllable, relaxing smoking experience without turning your brain into mashed potatoes every time you snap a large bowl or joint / blunt. Also, one thing to note, they add in some "freebees" with every purchase and their packaging is some of the best in the game. For the price, the quality, the quantity and customer service, you can't beat Clutch City for Type 3 Cannabis. Do yourself a favor and try the listed strains above. Highly recommend.

Brian Cagle
Not for me 😅

Only thing it did for me was give me a headache unfortunately I’m stuck with a whole Oz 😣nice packaging and fast shipping though

It is unfortunate that you did not have a pleasant experience with our flower. No matter what, we have 14 day customer satisfaction guaranteed. Refund has been processed because ultimately customer service and experience is our number one priority. It's the #TheClutchCityWay