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As many of you may know, we've been cooking some flavors in the kitchen! We couldn't wait to share with y'all two phenos that stood out from this hunt...

We would like to introduce our Z Series Pheno Hunt: Zorbet and Zowie! 

The Zorbet is an extremely potent and effective strain that you will notice right away! You can expect a very kush, grape/tropical scent with a sweet kush gas flavor.

The Zowie's potency is extremely potent and effective but the scent and flavors lean more kushy, gassy, earthy sweet.

Being that this is a limited pheno hunt release, we will be exclusively offering 8 grams between the Zorbet and Zowie, but we are going to include a free gram of two other phenos(while supplies last): Zello and Zonut. 

This limited pheno hunt release is our way to allow y'all to be a part of our pheno hunt experience!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jordan Garcia
Simply the best

The flower is absolutely beautiful let’s start with that. I received some really nice dense buds that were super frosty with hints of purple and dark green with lots of orange hairs. The smell is louder than a broken muffler on an old Chevy. Hints of old cheese and gas. That probably doesn’t sound pleasant but when it comes to hemp it is a delicious smell. Now let’s get to the effects. The effects are simply wonderful. You get that nice heavy feeling in your head mostly at the back of your head. Almost like a numbing effect. You get some nice pressure and heaviness in your eyes. You get a kind of tightness in your chest but not in a panic attack way if you know what I mean. It’s more of like having a weighted blanket on your chest. Kills anxiety like a bug zapper to an East Texas mosquito. And let me tell you that is pretty dead. Overall this is some really good flower and the price is really good for the quality flower you are getting. Highly recommend this flower to anybody.

Jon Reed
Z-pheno pack is an ‘easy buy’

Placed order for z-pheno pack, 7g of side piece #5 Smalls, and 3.5g dragon breath Smalls on BF. I received my order the following Thursday morning, so 5/5 on ship time. Before I even mention the flower itself, just want to point out that this was the best packaged flower I’ve received in the mail. Flower came in sealed Mylar pouches, and air sealed tuna cans, inside a custom CCF box, which was heat sealed in plastic, inside another larger cardboard shipping box with COA’s and letter to LEO printed out on top the inner box. Zero smell, no buds squished, and all were properly hydrated and well cured.

As for the actual flower quality itself, it’s an easy 10/10, on par with the highest quality flower available on the hemp market no questions. Only one or two other hemp growers I’d even put in the same category as this stuff. The Z-series stuff is phenomenal, great nose, all 4 of which were relatively similar but distinct enough to have multiple phenos justified. The terp profile doesn’t do these buds justice, as they’re all testing in a very standard terp percentage range for indoor, but the flavors are robust and loud.

Also their stuff is priced fairly compared to their competition, which hits that premium indoor market range, but have small bud options, and decent sales to keep the price/performance great.

Dry, cure, trim was perfect on all strains as well. Effects were on par for your typical high CBD/low THC cannabis, nothing too heady or heavy, just all around solid relief and what I was hoping to get from it.

Only thing negative to note is on the side piece #5 small buds with the micro seeds. The flower is dry/cured/grown to the same high quality, with an amazing diesel/fuel/funk profile. Just those microseeds or swollen ovules are rather bitching to remove before grinding. So my only regret was that I went with the discounted #5 over the #2. I’d suggest only grabbing the seeded batch of #5 if price is a key factor.

Can’t say enough good shit about Clutch City Farms honestly. They will be my top recommendation to my fellow enthusiast for the foreseeable future, and see myself making them my go-to vendor for top shelf indoor as well.

Thanks so much Clutch, had an amazing experience with my first direct purchase from you!! Can’t wait to see everything else you guys put out in the future, and excited to watch your continued rise to the top in the industry!!

Just okay

Not as good as some of the other cultivars from you all. Box it came in was a cool design but the size of a shoe box, fully printed inside and out and so unnecessary overall. Plus straight into the recycling. Please rethink the waste on future releases. This box could have been 1/6th the size and still been pretty unnecessary since we don’t need a box in a box to hold the tuna sized containers and other small giveaway items.

Z series

These two strains are my new favorites on the market because they bring something new and flavorful to the hemp market and clutch city is in my opinion a top 3 dispensary. When it comes to consistency and quality .

Quality all across the board

This Z series is very tasty also very potent both will have you Lit 🔥. Beautiful looking buds very exotic looking legit . A little throat grab but these two rocks .