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Indica Leaning Hybrids

As many of you may know, we've been cooking some flavors in the kitchen! We couldn't wait to share with y'all two phenos that stood out from this hunt...

We would like to introduce our Z Series Pheno Hunt: Zorbet and Zowie! 

The Zorbet is an extremely potent and effective strain that you will notice right away! You can expect a very kush, grape/tropical scent with a sweet kush gas flavor.

The Zowie's potency is extremely potent and effective but the scent and flavors lean more kushy, gassy, earthy sweet.

Being that this is a limited pheno hunt release, we will be exclusively offering 8 grams between the Zorbet and Zowie, but we are going to include a free gram of two other phenos(while supplies last): Zello and Zonut. 

This limited pheno hunt release is our way to allow y'all to be a part of our pheno hunt experience!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Quality all across the board

This Z series is very tasty also very potent both will have you Lit 🔥. Beautiful looking buds very exotic looking legit . A little throat grab but these two rocks .

Benjamin Perish

This is quality indoor hemp at it's finest. Amazing taste and potency. Will definitely be buying again!


Real gassy good taste

Jacob eberhart

The z series was all fire. I can't decide which one I like the best. They all have good taste

Bryan Bishop
Really Nice

Both have a great bag appeal and effects. The nose isn't what I was expecting and it's okay. As for zello and zonut, zello has my vote. Better looks, structure, and smell. Zonut has a but more of a grass smell to it and isn't as dense, although I like the name more lol.